İbrahim Savaş Pekdemir’s Collection

Ibrahim Savas Pekdemir, a surrealist painter, is best known for his surrealism themed pieces of art. His biggest inspiration in his art includes thoughts and love as well as mind and universe which are why he started doing art in the first place, to make visual of the thoughts that dominate his mind. His artworks consist of mostly oil painting as it is his most favorite medium of artwork. However, he does other medium of arts too.

One of Ibrahim Savas Pekdemir’s popular collections is called “Timeless Present”. This collection features more than 20 artworks that are mostly oil on canvas painting. The artworks were produced from 2007 to 2009. There is a “series” of “Envoys of Mysteries World” that features 6 oil-on-canvas paintings of the same name. The sizes of the paintings however differ. Though this artist never said a word in explaining the artworks, it is known that envoys are short stanzas that conclude ballade. It is possible that these paintings are a “brief explanation” of the mysteries world.

Produced in 2008, “Phenemenology of Action” is a square 90 cm x 90 cm piece of art. This piece is a very delicately handled and very well thought of. It is spiritually moving with its amazing timeless effect. The name may be taken from phenomenology, a philosophy study that concentrates on the structure of experience and consciousness. Another oil-on-canvas painting that was produced in the same year, with the very same square dimensions of 90 cm x 90 cm is “Immortality of Soul”. The soul immortality is very well portrayed in this soft painting. It is stunning in its own peaceful way.

Going back to 2007, Ibrahim Savas Pekdemir produced a splendid execution of art, namely “Purification”. The 70 cm by 100 cm oil-on-canvas painting seems like it is showing one force that has been encouraging nature to grow. Pekdemir’s incredible imagination is well expressed with the balanced composition and uses of colors. The uniquely marvelous piece shows that the artist has been paying great attention to details.

Expressing his imagination in bright colors, Ibrahim produced another intricate piece in 2007 called “Delectation & Pain”. This meticulous etching is yet another oil-on-canvas painting with the dimension of 70 cm by 75 cm. The vivid colors on the painting add up to the symbolic portrayal of emotions. One can never be bored viewing all of his artworks.

Ibrahim believes in passing every message to the world through his artwork and it is for this reason that he leaves nothing to chance when creating his marvelous paintings.