Surrealism in the Eyes of İbrahim Savaş Pekdemir

A new kid of the avant garde is what comes to mind when one takes a sneak peek at some of Pekdemir’s oil canvas paintings.

He is very experimental with his paint brush with a progressive twist that can only be described as a revolutionary approach to canvas painting. He welcomes you to the surreal world by coming up with engaging pieces that encompass our daily life activities in a forward looking manner. The symmetry and beautiful colors captured in his works play an invaluable part in bringing the canvas paintings to life in a way that art lovers can relate to.

It is quite evident to anyone with a keen eye that İbrahim has a very spiritual outlook on the world. Looking at “Balance and Opposition”, one of his great paintings, you will notice the subtle message of how people are in a constant state of spiritual warfare with each other. Having control of the mind and body being the ultimate goal. A concept with no boundaries and is well received across all age groups and races. Simply stunning to say the least.

Some may call it unusual what Pekdemir captures in his visual artworks, but he picks your brain by addressing the contradicting conditions that have existed between dream and reality since the inception of life. The magical atmosphere behind most of his inspired works is enough to evoke emotion even in some of those emotionally detached chaps out there.

The chemistry that exists between our mind, body and soul is the core of our existence as a human race. How well we nourish them has a direct or indirect impact on how our lives turn out and how fruitful our relationships can be. This is the kind of insight one gets from taking the time to devour Pekdemir’s modern art-work. He seems to be in a constant meditative state to come up with such multidimensional pieces that are so mystical and beautiful. Being so dynamic has worked to his advantage and it is breathtaking to see how seemingly different figures flow into each other to form a timeless piece of art.

Surrealism has never been depicted so well before and the clever concepts coupled with a creative touch bring the earthly tones used to life. Life is like a canvas, you can paint what you want on yours but Pekdemir has definitely pushed the limits with his style and unique ideas.